Important Notices

Courts are still open, but will be closing following the Fall 2022 season. Check the tennis calendar for upcoming events. A tennis membership is required prior to participating in any kind of tennis activity, including tennis lessons.

Tennis Memberships

Tennis memberships are available only to members, please see the general membership page for more information about obtaining a general club membership.

Tennis membership is currently rolling and may be added at the following yearly rates:

Annual Dues


Guest Fees



*Fees waived (see below)

*Emeritus: Members 65+ who have paid tennis dues for at least 5 years may apply. Fees will be waived, but all court tennis rules still apply, including the $5 guest fee.

Accessing the Courts

To use the courts at the Windsor Club, there is no need to make a reservation. Just show up with your membership card and follow the rules on the Tennis Rules page.

Tennis Lessons

Members may sign up for tennis lessons through the club’s tennis pros.  The pros handle lesson scheduling and fees.  Please refer to the Tennis Pros contact information in the sidebar on the left. Please see Lessons section of Tennis Rules for the rules.

Ball Machine

The Club owns a ball machine that is available for all tennis members to use. To have access to it please contact the pro Jonathan Palmer