Pool Description, Rules and Hours

Each year, in order to be eligible for access to the pool for the coming summer, new members must apply for club membership by January 15th and join the pool waitlist by March 31st of that year. The pool works as follows:

Currently, there is a 6-8 year wait to become a full-time pool member. However, if you are a member of the pool waitlist, you are allowed limited pool access each summer. To become a member of the waitlist, there is a one-time non-refundable $300 pool waitlist fee.  Each year that you are on the waitlist, you will pay an annual waitlist member pool fee of $100; and will be given the option to purchase a limited number of daily passes/coupons to be used from July 5th- Labor Day.  When you visit the pool, each individual (age 5 and over) would use one daily pass/coupon per visit.

You may join the pool waitlist at any time. The March 31st deadline is to gain access to the pool for the coming summer. Meaning that, if you join the club as a new member after January 15th or the pool waitlist after March 31st of any specific year, you will need to wait until the summer of the following year to use the pool. But if you feel that you may like to be full-time pool members in the future, you may want to get your name on the waitlist sooner rather than later, so that you are ahead of others who may join the waitlist moving forward.

The pool usually opens the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and closes the evening of Labor Day.

For more details about pool membership for the 2022 season, including hours, birthday party rentals, swim lessons, and pool rules, please see our Pool Overview Document here.