Tennis Rules

General Rules

The tennis rules on the web site are effective as of May 1, 2021 and are subject to change without written notice. The most current rules are always posted on the tennis shed.

  1. ATTIRE: Appropriate tennis attire is required at all times; tennis sneakers are the only form of shoe that should be worn when playing.
  2. HOURS OF PLAY: Play may begin at 7:00am during weekdays and 8:00am on weekends.  Please use courts 3 and 4 (lower courts nearest the pool) first.
  3. PLAYING TIME: Playing time is limited to 1 hour for singles and 1 hour for doubles. If there is a wait for the courts, a white board is available in the tennis hut glass case to enter your name on the waiting list for the next court, in the event the priority of play is not already clear.
  4. SWEEPING: Players are expected to sweep the court and brush all lines each time after play in accordance with the instructional boards posted on each court.
  5. WET COURTS: If you can make an indent in the court with the press of your thumb, the court is too wet to play and subject to damage that can be difficult to repair.
  6. SPRINKLER TIMES:  Times for the sprinklers change often; there is usually one watering early in the morning and one late at night.  The most important one to know is the one in the middle of the day. It is usually between 12:00 and 2:00pm for 2 to 5 minutes.  In the summer if it is too hot, another cycle may be added at 4:00 or 5:00 pm. This can change from day to day. It is adjusted depending on the weather.
  7. PRIORITY OF PLAY: Tournaments, interclub leagues and other matches and events scheduled through the Tennis Committee take priority over all other play. Adults aged 21 and older have priority over persons under the age of 16 (unless playing with an adult) from 6pm-8pm during weekdays. Otherwise, adults do not have priority in access to the courts over children ages 8 and under accompanied by an adult or juniors ages 9 and older.
  8. JUNIORS: Any minor child under 18 or college student whose parents have a family membership are considered juniors. Children ages 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult when playing.
  9. LESSONS: Lessons and clinics are for tennis members only. All instructors providing lessons must be authorized in writing by the Tennis Committee. Authorized instructors have priority over all play for lessons scheduled with tennis members.
  10. GUESTS: All guests should be registered on the sign-in sheet on the tennis hut prior to play; guest fees are $5 for each adult or child using the courts; guests may use the courts only when accompanied by a member; a member may not have the same guest more than 5 times during the season; failure to sign in a guest is subject to a fine up to $25.
  11. ETIQUETIE: All members and guests, regardless of age, are expected to conduct themselves with respect for other players, the general membership, the Club and the community. The Tennis Pros and the Tennis Committee Chair are authorized to enforce the above rules and make any other decisions deemed to be in the best interests of creating a respectful, equitable and enjoyable atmosphere for the tennis facility and all Windsor Club members. Failure to respect and adhere to the above rules is subject to fines and/or loss of tennis playing privileges.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.

– The Tennis Committee