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Why are cameras being installed at the Club?
Cameras are being installed on the premises to help monitor the property. The purpose of the cameras is to make sure club facilities are being used for their intended purposes. The key drivers being this decision are insurance-driven benefits as well as monitoring our facility. The Board has recently handled a small number of incidents where it would have been aided by increased visibility.
Where will the cameras be installed?
Signs will be posted at the club indicating that there are cameras filming and will specify where the cameras will be set up.
How will the footage be stored and who has access to the footage?
The footage will be stored on a hard drive (not posted or streaming on the internet). Two board members will have access to the footage and will review footage if an incident occurs that would require review.
Under what circumstances would video footage be reviewed?
Under the best situation, the 2 board members would not need to review any camera footage. Under circumstances of property damage, footage will be reviewed.
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