Programs for Pool Members

Sabbatical Status: If you have paid pool dues for at least one year, you may request Sabbatical Status. While on Sabbatical, you pay no dues and have no usage privileges. When you wish to return to active status, you will be placed at the top of the waitlist. More information on Sabbatical Status can be found in the Rules & Policies section of the Windsor Club Yearbook.

Emeritus Status: The goal of the Emeritus program is to give “empty nesters” an opportunity to use the pool while removing them from the pool membership to allow more families to enjoy the pool while their children are young (and inclined to use it!). If you have paid pool dues for at least eight years and your youngest child is out of high school OR if you have paid pool dues for at least 10 years and your youngest child is 16 (entering sophomore year), you can “go Emeritus”. You will get your bond back (remember that $1500?) and be able to purchase up to 30 “passes” for visits at anytime throughout the season. Passes can only be purchased in groups of ten and will be sold at whatever the guest rate is, currently $13 per pass. One pass is entry for one person per day. Emeritus members are not obligated to buy any passes.

Partial Membership: Pool members who expect not to be using the pool from July 4 through Labor Day, may sell this portion of their membership back to the club for $600, relinquishing their pool rights for the entire period.