General Club Memberships

All members must pay yearly social dues, which gives you access to the main club and Activity Center. Yearly dues are listed below. In addition, new members pay a one-time non-refundable club initiation fee of $400.

** PLEASE NOTE** There is currently a waitlist for Windsor Club Membership. Please email for more information about the wait time.

Annual Family Dues


Annual Single Dues


One-time Initiation Fee


Pool and Tennis Memberships

In order to obtain pool or tennis memberships.  You must have a general membership. Click the links below for pool and tennis membership information.

Wait List Fee


(one time non-refundable)

Guest Fees


Entry Fee


(one-time non-refundable)

Annual Family Dues


Pool Coupon Per Ticket


Annual Waitlist Member Pool Fee


(after the 1st year)

Annual Dues


Guest Fees



*Fees waived (see below)

New Member Show

One last thing to keep in mind – each year, new members are required to participate in a new members show at the club’s annual meeting, held in March. Membership and access to the pool is contingent on participation in the new members show.