General Club Memberships

All members must pay yearly social dues, which gives you access to the mainclub and Activity Center. Yearly dues are listed below. In addition, new members pay a one-time non-refundable club initiation fee of $400.

** PLEASE NOTE** There is currently a waitlist for Windsor Club Membership. Please email for more information about the wait time.

Annual Family Dues


Annual Single Dues


One-time Initiation Fee


Pool and Tennis Memberships

In order to obtain pool or tennis memberships.  You must have a general membership. Click the links below for pool and tennis membership information.

Wait List Fee


(one time non-refundable)

Guest Fees


Entry Fee


(one-time non-refundable)

Annual Family Dues


Pool Coupon Per Ticket


Annual Waitlist Member Pool Fee


(after the 1st year)

Annual Family Dues


Annual Individual Dues


Junior Dues


Guest Fees



*Fees waived (see below)

New Member Show

One last thing to keep in mind – each year, new members are required to participate in a new members show at the club’s annual meeting, held in March. Membership and access to the pool is contingent on participation in the new members show.