About The Windsor Club

Club Overview

Windsor Club members enjoy a lively social schedule, full ballroom, modern commercial kitchen, and an activity center that features candlepin bowling, air hockey, billiards and other activities. The club also offers a swimming pool and tennis memberships. 

  • For general inquiries, please call (617) 527-9871 or email office@windsorclub.org
  • Questions about the pool: please use pool@windsorclub.org
  • For questions about Tennis Memberships: email the tennis chair at tennis@windsorclub.org
  • For social events at the club and contacting the social committee, please email events@windsorclub.org
  • For any rental inquiries or renting the space for events, please use rentals@windsorclub.org
  • To reach the nominating committee, please email nominatingcommittee@windsorclub.org
  • To contact the board, please email board@windsorclub.org

Our Mission and Philosophy

The Windsor Club, a not-for-profit corporation, was organized as a social club by a small group of Waban residents in 1916 as the Waban Neighborhood Club under the leadership of Donald M. Hill, its first president. In 1971, the name of the Club was changed to “The Windsor Club.”

It is a volunteer-run club dedicated to fostering a spirit of community, camaraderie and neighborliness by providing a gathering place for a variety of social, cultural, civic and athletic activities for its members. The activities of the Windsor Club are made possible through the commitment and common labors and efforts of its members. As such, all members are expected to volunteer to enrich the Windsor Club community through helping with social activities or with the administration of the pool, tennis, rentals, etc.