Rentals – FAQ

If you cannot find an answer to your question or would like to make a rental inquiry please click here to contact us using our on-line form.

Do I have to rent the Activity Center if I just want to hang out with some guests

Club members created the Activity Center and it relies on member volunteers for its operation and upkeep, and on the cooperation of Club members for its continued success. The practice in the Activity Center is to leave it cleaner than you found it for the benefit of all Club members. Before coming to Activity Center, please check the online calendar to see if the Activity Center is rented. If the Activity Center is rented, it is for the sole use of the renter and their guests.The Activity Center may only be opened by a trained Supervisor who will be present for the entire time they and their family or guests are using the Center. To become a Supervisor, a Club member must be at least 21 years of age and have completed a Supervisor training class. The Supervisor is the authority in the Activity Center and is there to make sure members have a safe, fun experience. Please cooperate with the Supervisor to help keep the Center functioning smoothly. Members are encouraged to train as Supervisors. Training sessions are held throughout the year and may be found on the website calendar. No bathing suits or wet clothing are allowed in the Activity Center. Members interested in renting the Activity Center for a private party should contact the Club Manager.

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